Addiction to Attention

Sunday, April 28 from 2 PM to 3.30 PM @ 737 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL.

Do you get sad or mad when someone doesn’t like or comment on your posts? Do you eagerly wait for someone to notice your new dress, bike, mobile etc.? Do you like to show off new purchases to friends?  Does your mood change if a friend dislikes what you’re showing?

This is Addiction to Attention – yes, you read it correctly.  Attention gives us an emotional charge.  We can easily get addicted to that burst of energy that comes from having people or social media respond to us.   Then, our attention revolves around those who give us attention, which makes us dependent on them for our happiness.

Join us for an interactive workshop to explore the differences between constructive and destructive types of attention.   Also, let’s explore how this addiction can be just as dangerous as any other addiction.

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