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    Spiritual Independence –In Person & On Zoom

    July is the month to celebrate independence.  In order to fully enjoy our many freedoms, we need to make good choices.  “Spiritual independence” means to make choices based on our values and informed by our wisdom.  Spiritual independence frees us from repeating past mistakes.  We will start the session with a humorous look at independence, with comedian Fujiko.  Then, we will look at the roots of spiritual independence, and end with an interactive activity.

    Lunch is included.


    Sister Mary is Coordinator of Chicago Brahma Kumaris.

    Fujiko is a Chicago-based comedian who has performed in Los Angeles, New York and Austin. She is the producer of Laugh Candy RX-Laugh Out Love at The Lincoln Lodge. Originally from the suburbs of Osaka, Japan, her positive and loving style of comedy resonates with diverse audiences.

    REGISTRATION NEEDED: Click here to register.


    Jul 13 2024


    11:00 am - 1:00 pm


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