Sowing Seeds of Wellness

Oct 24 from 7 PM to 8:15 PM @ 737 W Belmont Ave.

The mind is like a garden, and thoughts are like seeds. Just as the beauty of a garden depends on the quality and type of seeds that we sow in it, the beauty of the mind depends on the quality and type of thoughts that we create in it. This session will provide an opportunity to learn the subtle yet amazing art of growing a beautifully manicured garden within your mind.

Presenter Kanishtha Agarwal is a former pediatrician from India.  In 2006, she made a switch from conventional medicine to the preventive aspect of health care.  She completed a Master in Public Health and PhD in Mind-Body Medicine.  A longtime meditator herself, she studied the benefits of meditation on chronic pain and the effects of meditation on cancer patients.  This work led to her current position as research associate at Augusta University in Augusta, GA.


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