Transformation 365 & Brahma Kumaris Celebrate UN International Day of Peace

Please join these 20-minute online meditations in commemoration of the UN International Day of Peace, September 21.  These practices were created to deepen our experience of inner peace, and to strengthen our awareness of our potential to spread peace.

Practice #1: Peace With Non-Violence

Ahimsa or non-violence can be described as intense love.  It is about knowing how to live with love, as an indomitable spiritual will. It is about accessing spiritual strength with which to serve.  It is about connecting to the Source of Peace and Love.

Practice Leader Sister Gayatri Naraine has dedicated her life to exploring the spiritual dimension of personal development and growth through the studies of Raja Yoga as taught by the Brahma Kumaris.  As the representative of the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations, her focus is on transformation as a spiritual phenomenon.  She serves as Vice-Chair of the International Day of Yoga Committee at the United Nations.

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practice #2:  Peace Seeds – Prayers from 12 or the World’s Faith Traditions

This practice, adapted from The Gift of Prayer (A Fellowship in Prayer book), offers prayers for peace from 12 of the world’s faith traditions. We pray together from our hearts for peace in the world.  This practice is presented by the founding core team of

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Practice #3:  Holding the Heart of World Peace

The work of the United Nations can only succeed when we citizens of the world bring all people into our hearts. We will first create a sense of peace and harmony within, and then let that sense ripple out. We will expand the energy of a culture of peace and non-violence to our communities, our national leaders, our world leaders, the entire UN organization and the whole human family.

Practice leader Denise Scotto, Esq. is Chair of the UN International Day of Yoga Committee and a member of the UN International Day of Peace Committee. As an attorney, Denise has represented law firms, governments, businesses, non-profits, NGOs, and individual clients. Ms. Scotto’s legal skills and management background served the United Nations Department for Economic & Social Affairs. She sits on the board of many UN NGOs, such as the Values Caucus and the Committee on the Status of Women NY.

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