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    Since 2010, the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Chicago has been serving people based on the principle of heartfelt volunteerism. The Brahma Kumaris share their knowledge worldwide free of charge in the spirit of making it available to everyone.

    Ongoing activities rely on the generosity of those who have taken benefit. While all facilitators and other helpers offer their services in a voluntary capacity, donations are our only source of income. We have no funding or corporate or other sponsors. People have been deeply moved by the spiritual gifts and insights they have received here, and express what they have gained through their generous contributions. These contributions are used to sustain the ongoing running costs and expanding operations and services in Chicago. Contributions may be made by cash, check or Venmo. Your contributions are tax deductible.

    To donate using Venmo, you can Venmo us @Chicago Brahma Kumaris

    Here’s how to use Venmo:

    1. Download the Venmo app on your smartphone.

    2. Click on “Payment Methods” and add your bank account information.

    3. Go to “Search People” and search for “Chicago Brahma Kumaris.”

    4. Click on the payment button on the right bottom. “Pay or Request” window should open.

    5. Enter the amount.

    6. Click on “Pay.”

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for contributing to the vision of what Chicago Brahma Kumaris has to offer as a spiritual sanctuary of peace and hospitality that invites people from all walks of life and of all faiths to explore and strengthen their inner values and powers so that they can lead a fulfilling and productive lives.