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Housed in Chicago’s vibrant Lakeview neighborhood, the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center is a beacon of peace in an island of bustling activity. Neighbors and visitors can stop by for guided meditation, enroll in a meditation course, attend an evening discussion on a spiritual topic or meet visiting yogis from other cities and countries. All programs are free of charge as a community service. The Brahma Kumaris also offer classes and workshops in corporations and libraries in metropolitan Chicago, and participate in neighborhood and citywide community events.

Meditation courses, guided meditation sessions, workshops and seminars at our Chicago facility and also in suburban locations in Naperville, Schaumburg and Lake county. All classes and programs are free of charge as a community service. No prior meditation experience is required, unless specified.

Important Notice:

For the health and safety of everyone, the Chicago Brahma Kumaris Center has temporarily suspended classes and programs on location at the Center. Instead, all classes and meditation sessions will be ONLINE ONLY. Each program listed has a Zoom link to join. Please use the link that is specifically for the program you would like to join.

Contribute Online:
To donate, you can Venmo us @Chicago Brahma Kumaris or call us to find other options.
How to use Venmo?
1. Download the Venmo app on your smartphone, 2. Click on the “Payment Methods” and add your bank account information, 3. Go to “Search People” and search for “Chicago Brahma Kumaris”, 4. Click on the payment button on the right bottom and “Pay or Request “window should open, 5. Enter the amount, 6. Click on Pay.

We Serve Souls

Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. It is the largest spiritual organization in the world led by women. The Brahma Kumaris provides courses, seminars and retreats on a wide range of personal growth subjects. All our courses are inspired by the principle at the heart of Raja Yoga — that there is a place of peace within all of us — and by learning to experience it we can solve problems with greater compassion and integrity.

What We Offer

Instruction on subjects such as meditation, self-esteem, positive thinking, stress-free living and anger management, at our Chicago facility and also at suburban locations in Naperville, Schaumburg and Lake County. All classes and programs are free of charge as a community service. Visitors are welcome by appointment. Please call us at 773 698-6339 to arrange a time to meet us.  

Upcoming Events

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